Benefits of Dental Implants

As people get older, many experience tooth loss. This can have a negative effect on their appearance and their day to day living. Currently, there are several options for individuals who have lost their teeth. One option is dentures, which are fake teeth that are applied with an adhesive to the gums of your mouth. Another option is a bridge. In this procedure, false teeth are attached to the natural teeth A third option is dental implants which is a small titanium piece that replaces the natural root of the missing tooth. A white cap is placed over the titanium piece to make it look like a natural tooth. In general, there are many benefits of an implant, and overall they are more effective than the other options. Individuals using dentures have to deal with the sticky and often messy adhesive as well as the inconvenience of removing and replacing the dentures each day. Dentures often interfere with day to day activities such as eating and speaking. Despite their natural appearance, bridges affect the health of natural teeth and cause pain to the gums. The natural tooth is ground down so the false tooth can be cemented to the healthy tooth. Individuals with implants do not experience any of these problems and experience benefits.

In addition to negatively affecting a person’s ability to speak and eat, tooth loss also affects a person’s appearance. Due to the fact that teeth and your bones make up the majority of a person’s facial structure, tooth loss can cause the cheekbones and upper lip to sink inward. When teeth are missing, the body senses that the jaw bone is not needed in that area and sends minerals to another area of the body. This makes the jawbone deteriorate slowly, causing the lower half of the face to have a shriveled appearance. One of the major benefits of implants is that they help individuals to avoid deteriorated jaw bones and loss of self-esteem.

The benefits of implanted teeth can have a positive impact on an individual’s life. Not only are they a long-term investment—they can last the span of an individual’s lifetime—they also look and feel like natural teeth. Another of the benefits afforded by dental implants is that they are relatively easy to care for. Individuals only need to brush and floss as they would with their natural teeth.

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