Dental Crowns and Root Canals

Understanding Root Canals & Dental Crowns

Root Canals

Today, more and more individuals in Park City, Utah and the surrounding areas who suffer from an infected root canal are turning to local dentists for root canal procedures. For many, the mere mentioning of a root canal procedure may cause them to cringe or shudder. Although the prospect of surgery can be rather daunting, the fear of surgery often pales in comparison to the effects of letting the infection continue to grow. In many cases, if the infection is allowed to grow, it may spread to other parts of the face or mouth. The infection of the pulp inside the tooth often causes swelling that can spread to other areas of the mouth. These infections can also affect the nerves in the teeth or can even break the surrounding bone, which can be intensely painful.

To combat the effects of inner tooth infection, many Park City, Utah dentists offer root canal procedures. Most of these procedures are performed by an endodontist, a dentist who specializes in the inside of the tooth. During the procedure, local anesthesia may be applied. After the application, a hole is drilled in the tooth, and the infected pulp is then cleaned out. After the procedure, the hole in the tooth is then sealed up. Depending on the individual situation, the endodontist may choose to seal the tooth up directly following the surgery or may wait until a follow-up appointment. Typically, recovery for this procedure takes a few days.

Dental Crowns

In addition to root canal procedures, many Park City, Utah dentists are now offering crowns. Dental crowns are caps in the shape of a tooth that are placed over the affected tooth. In recent years, crowns have aesthetically come a long way. In the past, the majority of these tooth caps were gold in color, making the presence of the crown very apparent. Today, the majority of dentists use more aesthetically pleasing materials that match better with the other teeth. Patients require dental crowns for a variety of different reasons. Dental crowns are often needed after a root canal procedure or a dental bridge procedure. Crowns are also used to replace broken teeth. Many times in the case of severe tooth decay, a dentist may opt to use a crown instead of inserting a filling. This is because a dental crown is often more stable than a filling, which can potentially fall out.

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