Low-cost Dental Bridges in Park City, UT

A beautiful woman with porcelain veneers

For many patients missing one or more teeth, a dental bridge is often the best option for filling gaps or spaces.  The benefits of a dental bridge are significant both functionally and cosmetically.  Replacing missing teeth improves the patient’s ability to speak, bite and chew, preserves the shape of the jaw and face, and retains remaining teeth so they do not shift out of alignment.  Moreover, with advances in technology, dental bridges today are natural in both appearance and texture.

Typically, a dental bridge consisits of two or more crowns, also called abutments, which are prepared for the natural teeth on both sides of the gap or space, and an artificial tooth, which is called a pontic, that is placed in between them. The abutment teeth anchor the pontic in place.  At Mountain High Family Dental we use the highest quality porcelain materials to maximize aesthetics and functional considerations.

There are several different types of dental bridges, so if you think you might be a candidate for a brdige, call us and schedule a consultation with one of our dentists so that we can explore all of your options for achieving the best possible solution for replacing missing teeth.