High-Effective Teeth Whitening in Park City, UT

Get a “Sinsational” smile with our convenient and extremely effective chair-side tooth whitening system.

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It’s easy to feel self-conscious or unhappy if your teeth have turned grey or yellow. Fortunately, the Sinsational system offers an easy fix. We can treat all of your teeth in a single appointment.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may be struggling with discolored teeth. Genetics can play a role, especially as you age. Discoloration is a side-effect of many prescription drugs. There are also the usual suspects: tobacco use, coffee, tea, red wine and sodas.

Adjusting lifestyle factors can help you enjoy whiter teeth after you’ve received your Sinsational treatment, but lifestyle changes can’t undo damage that has already been done. In addition, whitening strips and other over-the-counter treatments can’t really tackle stains that have accumulated over the course of years. That’s why we offer this procedure right here in our office.

The Sinsational Smile bleach formula is safe and effective. It uses a Carbamide Peroxide gel which is activated by a blue LED light that is cool to the touch and safe to use. Carbamide Peroxide turns into a host of tiny oxygen bubbles which gently scrub the stains right off of your teeth.

This procedure should be done on clean, healthy teeth, so we’ll give you a deep cleaning before we begin. Once we’re done with the in-office procedure you’ll be given a Sinsational Whitening pen to take home. This can be used to keep your teeth whiter, longer.

So contact us if you’ve been hiding that smile. The procedure takes less than an hour, is very safe, and is completely painless.