Safe Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Park City, UT

Your wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt. It usually happens during the late teens or early twenties. For many young adults, wisdom teeth, or third molars, cause problems either because there is not enough room in the mouth, or they are impacted or misaligned.   This can cause serious pain and discomfort. The best solution is for one of our experienced dentists to extract the wisdom teeth in our Park City office.

Need help with wisdom teeth? Here’s what we offer:

• Get a free exam and X-Ray (limited time).

• We are more affordable than most wisdom tooth extractions.

• Get your procedure done all under one roof.

• We are a preferred provider for most dental insurance companies.

Misaligned wisdom teeth can cause serious dental and health problems. Depending upon their angle and position, they can damage your other teeth, or cause decay when food, debris and plaque become wedged between teeth. They can also damage your jawbone and adjacent nerves. Sometimes the teeth simply do not have enough room to erupt normally and stay trapped within your jawbone or the soft tissue surrounding it. These teeth that can’t erupt normally are said to be impacted.

Wisdom teeth that are partially erupted provide an open doorway for infection causing bacterial growth. You might experience severe pain, swelling and illness from the infection. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are harder to brush and floss. This makes them more likely to become decayed and cause problematic gum disease.

The best way to find out if your wisdom teeth are growing in normally is to have one of our dentists take a look during your teen years. Here at Mountain High Family Dental, we examine your teeth and use x-rays to determine the position and alignment of your wisdom teeth. It’s a good idea to have your teeth examined before you go away to college or on a long mission of some kind. Our dentists can help you avoid future problems by extracting problematic wisdom teeth before they can become painful.

The mid to late teen years is the best time to have this procedure performed because the wisdom teeth are easier to extract and you will need less time for recovery.

Mountain High Family Dental offers fantastic family dental care and are also experts at removing wisdom teeth. Having the same place handle both offers multiple benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that we can monitor the teeth during each visit to make sure they have to be extracted. You will also get the extra comfort of having the procedure done with a dentist that you are comfortable and familiar with already. Plus we are experienced, professional and affordable.

The recovery time following wisdom teeth extraction varies for each person. Some people are up and going that same day while others need more time to get back to their daily routine. For most people, it takes two or three days for recovery. The primary part of recovery is to ensure that the gums remain controlled and to make sure the bleeding is limited. It’s extremely important to make sure to follow the doctor’s advice for recovery.

There are few ways to make sure that the recovery process is a quick as possible. As you are resting, don’t lie flat. Keeping the head elevated will help limit the bleeding. Make sure to eat soft foods during the first few days because anything hard can puncture the opening the teeth left. Also, avoid a lot of dairy products since they can cause bacteria to get into open wounds. When drinking avoid sucking on straws. The sucking motion can also cause the reopening of the gums. Following these tips combined with regular icing should make recovery as minimal as possible.

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth or your son or daughter’s wisdom teeth in Park City, Utah, please contact Mountain High Family Dental. Our professionals can safely remove your wisdom teeth at an affordable price!