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Avoid these painful situations by having wisdom teeth removed.

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How do I know if I need my wisdom teeth removed?

Not everyone has wisdom teeth that have to be removed. So how do you know if they have them and that they need to be removed? The only reason that they would need to be extracted is if they are causing or will cause damage in the future. Wisdom teeth in need of removing can cause pain and hurt the teeth next to them. To prevent the teeth from suffering severe damage, the teeth needs to be removed. Not only can they damage teeth, but they can also disrupt the alignment of the jaw also. If the wisdom teeth aren’t removed, they can even undo everything that braces have fixed. They can also cause problems with the jaw, gums, and even the sinuses.

What are the best ways to pick a surgeon to remove or extract wisdom teeth?

The first, and probably the best place to start is by asking your family dentist. In some cases, a family practice is experienced and equipped to work with wisdom teeth removal. Mountain High Dental in Park City is the perfect example of this. They offer fantastic family dental care but are also experts at removing wisdom teeth as well. Having the same place handle both offers multiple benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that they can monitor the teeth during each visit to make sure they have to be extracted. You will also get the extra comfort of having the procedure done with a dentist that you are comfortable and familiar with already.

What do I need to know about recovering from having wisdom teeth removed?

The recovery time following wisdom teeth extraction varies for each person. Some are up and going that same day while others need more time to get back to their daily routine. For most people, it takes two or three days for recovery. The primary part of recovery is to ensure that the gums remain controlled and to make sure the bleeding is limited. It’s extremely important to make sure to follow the doctor’s advice for recovery.

Are there any tricks to speeding up the recovery process?

There are few ways to make sure that the recovery process is a quick as possible. As you are resting, don’t lie flat. Keeping the head elevated will help limit the bleeding. Make sure to eat soft foods during the first few days because anything hard can puncture the opening the teeth left. Also, avoid a lot of dairy products since they can cause bacteria to get into open wounds. When drinking avoid sucking on straws. The sucking motion can also cause the reopening of the gums. Following these tips combined with regular icing should make recovery as minimal as possible.

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