Clear Braces

The Benefits of Clear Braces

Today, many people are looking into metal braces to help them have straighter teeth, a beautiful smile, and better oral health.  What many of these individuals may not realize, is that there is an alternative to metal braces that takes less time while still getting the same results.  This option is clear braces.  With clear braces, the patient has a clear plastic tray shaped to fit their teeth.  Over the space of several weeks, the patient will receive a new adjusted tray that will align their teeth little by little.  Although clear braces are not for everyone, the majority of patients with clear braces have their teeth straightened within the space of a few months. This pales in comparison to the adjustment time of metal braces, which can often take years.  The following are just a few other ways that clear braces can improve a patient’s quality of life:


One of the major benefits of clear braces is simply the fact that they’re clear.  For many people, metal braces can make them self-conscious, especially after the wires are first applied.  Clear braces, on the other hand, are barely noticeable, allowing users to smile confidently while getting their teeth adjusted at the same time.


Another positive of clear braces is the level of comfort they provide in comparison to metal braces.  Metal braces can have edges and elastic hooks that can cut up the inside of the patient’s lips and cheeks.  Patients with metal braces also experience pain from tooth adjustment.  Although clear braces patients may experience the normal pain that comes with tooth adjustment, they are less likely to experience abrasion to the inside of the lips and cheeks.


Caring for your teeth with clear braces, compared to metal braces, is a lot easier.  With normal metal braces, the patient has to use a special little brush to brush between the wires.  Also, when flossing, the individual must thread their floss between the teeth above the wire.  Many individuals who choose not to perform this kind of oral care while they have braces, can end up with permanent white stains on the teeth.  Patients who choose clear braces don’t have to worry about these kind of dental care woes.  They simply can remove the clear tray, perform their normal teeth cleaning routine, and put the tray back in.

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