Best Preventive Dentistry in Park City, UT

At Mountain High Family Dental, we are the only dental office in Park City to offer a full range of dental services for your entire family, young and old. Our doctors have years of general and cosmetic dental experience.

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy begins with a daily regimen of good oral hygiene. If you practice good dental hygiene, you can expect to experience very few and minor problems with your dental health. Start practicing good dental hygiene early and it will help you maintain good dental health throughout your life.

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Good dental hygiene care begins long before you actually have teeth. The American Dental Association stresses the importance of good oral hygiene for infants as the best way to prevent future dental health problems. Starting early with regular visits to a qualified pediatric dentist in Park City gives your child a head start in good dental health.

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Sealants are a protective coating applied to the biting surfaces of teeth after any staining is removed. The sealant protects the tooth from getting a cavity by shielding against bacteria and plaque. Sealants are most commonly placed on a child’s permanent posterior teeth (molars) because they are more prone to cavities. They can also be placed on adults’ teeth, but most insurance companies won’t cover them.

For many patients regular fluoride treatments can be beneficial. In our office, we use a fluoride varnish to deliver an effective treatment that will remineralize and strengthen weakened areas as well as reduce sensitivity for some patients. Current guidelines indicate that following the discovery of any new decay, fluoride treatments should be provided at each cleaning appointment for a period of no less than three years.

Oral DNA® is an extraordinary new procedure offered by Mountain High Family Dental. The Oral DNA salivary diagnostic test identifies the type and concentration of specific perio-pathogenic bacteria that are known to cause periodontal disease. The Oral DNA test helps support the clinician with better risk assessment and personalized treatment options for more predictable outcomes.

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Nightguards are used to treat teeth grinding (bruxism), which can wear down teeth and contribute to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Mouthguards are custom made and prescribed by your dentist to provide a better fit. They are typically worn during sports activities to help protect against broken teeth.