Emergency Oral Care

How to Handle Oral Health Emergencies

wisdom_teeth_painToday, when looking for a new dentist, people research several aspects of their background and services.  They check patient reviews, what insurances they accept, and how long they have been in practice.  One aspect of dental care that is very important when people are choosing a provider is the emergency oral care he or she offers.  When individuals go to a clinic with a dental emergency, they are able to not only perform procedures that can fix the problem, but can also give medications and treatments that will address the pain.

Reasons People Require Emergency Dental Work

Two of the major reasons that people turn to emergency oral care are when they chip or break a tooth.  It is important to call for emergency care in the case of a broken tooth, because a broken tooth can start to decay quickly, making it difficult to repair or  for reinsertion.  Other times when people need emergency care are if they have lacerations of the gums or severe injury to the nerves in the mouth.  If an individual’s gums bleed without stopping or if there is an apparent infection to the gums, emergency care is crucial.  If a patient suffering from these conditions can’t get in contact with a care provider, they should call 911 for general emergency medical care.  Other reasons that people call for emergency care include toothaches, swollen jaws, lost fillings, sore gums, and root canals. Not all injuries to the mouth require emergency after hours work.   For example, a minor chip or fracture in the tooth can probably wait until the office is open.

How to Address a Dental Emergency Before Going to the Office

In the case of a oral care emergency, the best treatments will come from a licensed dentist.  However, there are a variety of procedures that individuals who have experienced an emergency can perform at home before they can make it to the office.  Because each treatment is unique to the type of emergency, patients should contact their oral care provider for information on addressing their own specific injury.

Things to Ask a Dentist about Emergency Dental Work

When researching a new oral care provider, it is important to look into their emergency program. Patients have found it helpful to ask their office staff about their times of availability, their emergency contact number, what emergency procedures they perform, what insurances they accept, and who their on-call dentist is.  Some offices don’t offer after hours care, but simply have a referral program to other trusted clinics that perform emergency work.

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