Pediatric Dentistry in Park City

History of Dentistry for Kids

The practice of dentistry has come a long way in recent years. New technology has helped make dental procedures quicker, less invasive, and less painful for both the patient and the dentist. In the past, one of the main methods of dental work was extraction, or the pulling out of infected teeth. Over the past couple of decades, technology and information have progressed in such a way that extraction is no longer the primary option. Now, treatment methods are available that allow patients to have the affected teeth chemically treated as opposed to extracted.

One of the most recent developments in the history of dentistry is specialized dentistry. One of the specialized fields of dentistry that is gaining ground is pediatric dentistry, or dentistry that treats only kids. Today in the Park City area, awareness regarding children’s dentistry is growing, and as a result, more and more parents are taking their children to pediatric dentists in Utah.

Features of Pediatric Dentists vs. Normal Dentists

Overall, pediatric dentists perform the same procedures as general practice dentists. They perform routine check-ups, fill cavities, perform tooth surgeries, etc. The major difference between those who practice pediatric dentistry and those who practice general dentistry is the manner in which they perform their procedures. Going to the dentist still makes several adults nervous, and for children the nerve-wracking nature of the experience is often magnified. Dentists for kids are specially trained in behavior management techniques to help their young patients cope with their fears of the unknown and other qualms about dental procedures. Many dental specialists for kids can introduce the tools they are using to their patients in a simple, non-threatening way. They also can motivate their young patients with reward-based incentives.

Another distinguishing feature of pediatric dentists is their ability to treat child-specific tooth issues. Some of these issues include baby bottle tooth decay, tooth movement due to thumb sucking, and dental trauma. Also, many dentists for kids also address malocclusion, or the condition where the top and bottom teeth don’t line up properly. Malocclusion is a common dental symptom among kids, especially during the time where they are losing their primary or “baby teeth” and are growing in their permanent teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry in Park City, Utah: More Parents are Looking into Specialized Dentistry for Their Kids

Recently, several parents in Utah have been looking for ways to make taking their children to the dentist less of a hassle. To cater to this need, several cities, including Park City Utah, offer dentistry clinics for kids. The goal of these Park City clinics is to make the experience of children’s dental appointments as pleasant as possible.

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